Fear is not a person’s Limitation.

“No, I cannot do it!” With this, she gave up on another pleasure of life.

Even after visiting numerous amusement parks, being taken to countless rides, she still feared height and water. Her fear kept her from enjoying little pleasures of life.

She would look at her friends shouting in amusement from the top of a ferrous wheel, take a step forward…

…and immediately, two backwards.

A young adult now, she felt embarrassed and weak. People mocked her for being sensitive to such petty things. She was chastised for being a spoil-sport.

But, WHY?

Those were​ her fears. She wanted to overcome them, she tried, but she couldn’t. Still, it’s her decision on how and when she wishes to try. WHY is she forced into trying something she detests. WHY can’t they let her be?

Being the odd one out, hurts her too. But being upbraided, is far more distressing.

They MUST understand that she isn’t incomplete with her fears. Her fears are not what make her feeble. It is not a limitation. Instead, terror gives her a motive to rise, an ambition to achieve. Her fright makes her stronger each time it comes to her face. It multiplies her hunger for surpassing her fear.

If only, every person was as optimistic as her…


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