Silver Earrings


There she was, in front of him, and her head jerking on both sides as she spoke of their unmatched thoughts lately,

And of their recent dispute.
She kept adducing her conclusions, without a pause, not being able to look him into the eye.

And then, there he was, on the opposite end of the table, head hung low, lost into his own muse, paying no heed to her deductions.

All he could hear was the chime of her earrings. A sound so familiar that it now became a separate amicable world for him. In that world, his head and heart were at peace, no constant conflicts, and a world where there was contentment and contentment only.

He shuddered as she put her hand on his. And just when they looked up, together, to catch the final glimpse of each other, a tear rolled down his cheek.

The Chime was indeed familiar. After all, those silver earrings were the foundation of their relationship. They marked the commencement of the relationship which was on its judgement table today!


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