An Open Letter

To the people who crave for change,
To the ones who rebel,
And to those who believe in smashing the confinements,

This letter is for you to know,
You are admired.

When thousands give up on the joys of life,
You fend for what is right,
You take the plunge to brawl against the unethical,
You hold the ones who are petrified,
You pacify those who yearn for freedom.

You teach us all out there,
Being submissive, succumbing to abuse,
Isn’t virtuous.
Your struggles and scrimmage teach,
To raise voice is worthwhile,
Especially, when you know you aren’t erronous.

Your actions, your deeds,
They are Midas’ touch,
Turning debris to gold,
Leaving a mark strong enough,
For someone else  to not be victimized,
And let their visions be bold.


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